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Report on Abolition Now and OSA Leadership Meeting in Oklahoma

It was an ambitious endeavor seeking to knock off two birds with one stone. The goal was to combine our annual Operation Save America’s Leadership Meeting, which casts the vision for the New Year with the groundbreaking gathering in Oklahoma, the Abolition Now conference and rally. There was much negotiation from within and from without
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Opening Debut to Babies Are Still Murdered Here

Opening Debut of Babies Are Still Murdered Here Thus it begins. May this be the 95 thesis of our day to continue the Reformation that is needed to no longer regulate baby murder, but end it in Jesus’ name! Share, like, and comment like crazy. We need to blow this thing up and make it
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New Documentary Trailer: Babies are Still Murdered Here

Holy Hatred I know the word “hate” conjures strong reaction. On the surface, it appears ungodly. Like it is something to avoid, since “God is love.” Yet, the Bible assures us that our compassionate, loving Savior hates with a holy hatred. In the case of abortion, God hates the hands that shed innocent blood. There
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OSA’s National Event Report

Thank you for your prayers. Operation Save America’s national ministry event, “Complete the Work,” was blessed by the Lord on many levels. The Holy Spirit equipped the saints for the work of ministry, touched lives, saved souls, and spared baby’s lives in Wisconsin. There were ten confirmed baby saves at the Affiliated death camp. A
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God’s Word Going Forth in the Belly of the Beast

GOD’S WORD GOES FORTH IN THE BELLY OF THE BEAST Brethren, I just received permission from our attorneys to release the questionnaire or what they call interrogatories that the Feds sent to me to fill out. As a result of depositions and these interrogatories, it is clear the Feds do not want to go to
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