OSA’s National Solemn Assembly

Operation Save America’s National Solemn Assembly, Sunday, July 19th, 2020 from 7- 9:30 PM.

To kick off OSA’s National Event: Defend the Fatherless, our opening rally on Sunday, July 19th, 2020 will be a much needed national Solemn Assembly. Our righteous goal is to have hundreds of churches participating on-line. We are asking pastors and elders to gather in their sanctuaries with God’s people to meet the conditions for repentance, revival, reformation, and restoration that God set forth in His Word when His just judgement are upon a blood stained, perverted land.

To those in the Oklahoma area, you are invited to come in person. To those outside of Oklahoma, you can participate on-line with either your families or church gathering. Go here to sign up and register:


This is from Pastor Bill Ascol, our host pastor for the national event.

An Invitation to Join Us for a Solemn Assembly
The Bethel Baptist Church of Owasso, Oklahoma
Sunday, July 19, 2020 from 7:00 p.m. until 9:30 p.m.

A “Solemn Assembly” is a response on the part of the body of Christ to the recognition that true Biblical spirituality has declined and immorality has increased to the extent that a nation has come under the righteous judgments of God.

Richard Owen Roberts, one of the foremost living authorities on Revival and Awakening (and who is now 89 years old), has said the following about the Solemn Assembly:

“It must be understood that these righteous judgments are the result of unconfessed corporate sins. When the people of God sin against Him and do not repent, He judges them. While some of these judgments may be called final and consist of death and destruction, the more standard form of judgement is both remedial and gracious and consists of the withdrawal of certain evidences of His manifest presence and merciful favors. In the absence of God’s manifest presence there is always an immediate and extensive increase in iniquity. This may be compared to the effect upon a city of the police force going on strike. It is the visible manifestation of law and order in the form of policemen, police cars, etc. that keeps crimes somewhat restrained. When the police are on strike, when they are known to be corrupt themselves, or when it is known that arrests are meaningless because of the laxity of judges, a community must anticipate a tragic increase in crime. Just so, when God withdraws evidences of His manifest presence from a people, there is always a horrendous increase in iniquity and decline in spirituality.

“That there has been a very great increase of immorality and decrease of true Biblical spirituality in America in recent years is a fact beyond controversy. Why has this very great change occurred? Is it because the devil is more powerful than he used to be or because God is older and not nearly as able to defend Himself, His people, and His church against wickedness? Obviously not. It is because God has judged America with the remedial judgment of the withdrawal of certain manifestations of His gracious presence and mercy.

“As soon as it becomes evident that immorality is on the increase and spirituality is on the decline, the Biblically sound and spiritually lively church will not foolishly blame the world but will immediately recognize its own complicity. The church must first repent, for the righteous judgment was not against the world but against the church. Therefore, in times of spiritual declension and moral decadence, the great duty of every Christian is both to discover those sins which has caused the judgment and to put them away by that method which God Himself has chosen. The method God has chosen is a Solemn Assembly. Corporate sin must be dealt with by corporate repentance according to divinely ordained methods.”

Order of Service:

Worship Leader — Joshua Ascol

Welcome — Pastor Bill Ascol
Bethel Baptist Church, Owasso, OK

Opening Remarks — Rusty Thomas

SERMON– “Calling Individuals to Repent” — Pastor Brett Baggett
Ekklesia, Muskogee, OK

Prayer Time

SERMON– “Calling Families to Repent” — Pastor Kelly Greene
Hope Church, Shawnee, OK

Prayer Time

SERMON– “Calling the Church to Repent” — Pastor Dusty Deevers
Grace Community Church, Elgin, OK

Prayer Time

SERMON — “Calling the State & Nation to Repent” — Pastor Dan Fisher
Fairview Baptist Church, Edmond, OK

Prayer Time

Closing Challenge — Pastor Bill Ascol

These are the Oklahoma pastors, who are leading the charge to adopt abolition in churches as the only Biblical consistent response to the American holocaust that are going to conduct the Solemn Assembly. Let’s work together to get as many churches on board as possible. We need God to move in this desperate hour. Our future and hope hangs in the balance for our children and grandchildren. This is no time for religious games. May the Lord prosper His cause in Jesus’ name!

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