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2018 OSA Leadership Meeting Report

“Jason has harbored them, and these are all acting contrary to the decrees of Caesar, saying there is another king—Jesus” (Acts 17:7). Preparing for our OSA Leadership Meeting OSA had our annual Leadership Meeting in Little Rock, Arkansas this year. We have sowed there in times pass and it was time to water the vision
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Official OSA Message: Nothing Less OSA Youth Video The foundations are being laid for our regional event in Indianapolis, IN. Soon we should have the details of our host church and lodging. We need to start to pray and prepare now as we seek the Lord to Ignore Roe, Establish Justice, and End All Abortion Now in the
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Three-fold Plan to End Abortion Now can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Rev. Rusty Thomas, "Threefold Plan to End Abortion Now" (

Louisville Rescue Coverage

Videos and Footage Official OSA Video of Louisville Rescue Another Video of Rescue  Statement Made at Time of Arrest Video Message after Prison Release Train Up a Child Rescue Video Upcoming National Event: Louisville KY Press Release- Vision and Mission of the Louisville Rescue Lucas Childress’ Rescue Video Articles and Posts Why Rescue? Here’s 20 Reasons
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Apologetic in Defense of Christian interposition to End the American Holocaust

The following is an actual letter sent to pastors that had similar objections that the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary has stated to break their agreement with OR/OSA. After reading my response to their “concerns,” however, some of the pastors repented and joined the battle in their city. If any of you have connections at the
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