OSA National Event: Defend the Fatherless

OSA National Event 2020: Start spreading the news!

The Biblical theme for Oklahoma is DEFEND THE FATHERLESS. It is taken from the admonishment proclaimed by the prophet Isaiah (Isaiah 1:17).

Due to the challenge of negotiating through the Covid-19 virus, we have restructured our OSA National event for this year. Instead of us all meeting together for a week in a specified city, our seminars and rallies each day and night will be conducted on-line through our OSA Facebook page.

We will have a registration page set up so you can sign up and use it to rally your family, churches, and neighbors to participate and receive the necessary training to further the Gospel of the Kingdom to abolish abortion now in Jesus’ name!

We will have four seminars during the afternoon, starting Monday, July 20th-Thursday, July 23rd. They will start at 2 pm and conclude around 3:30 pm. One seminar will be conducted by Senator Joseph Silk from Oklahoma to rally legislators to train them in their duty to abolish abortion as a Lesser Magistrate.

The second seminar will be pastors reaching pastors for the just cause of abolition. Pastor Bill Aschol from Oklahoma, along with other local Oklahoma pastors, will be presenting the basis for an official church resolution that adopts abolition as the only just and Biblical response to the holocaust savaging our nation.

The last two seminars in the afternoon will be centered on training the youth. Jason storms and I will be conducting those seminars. If you know of magistrates, pastors, and youth, It would be good to try and get them signed up for these crucial training opportunities.

Each evening, Starting Sunday, July 19th-Friday, 24th, we will have rallies. Again, this will be conducted on-line through our OSA Facebook page. We will have special speakers with specific messages to help equip the church to fight the battle to end the American holocaust. We should have the line up of speakers ready to post soon.

There will be street activities assigned each day with specific goals in mind. Keep in mind, this year, it will be implemented in and through your local communities. We are working on the assignments accompanied with the literature and packets that will help accomplish these ministry tasks.

For instance, on Sunday, July 19th, the assignment will be to go to good, Evangelical churches, if they are open. You will go to worship and set up a meeting with the pastor and/or elders to give them a packet of materials to show them a more excellent way the church can be used to Ignore Roe, Establish Justice, and Abolish Abortion Now. Keep in mind that if you have church, ministry, or home school coop emails, you can send the literature out to them that way as well.

Street activities will include going to the death camps during the week to minister the Gospel of the Kingdom. Other ministry opportunities will include setting up meetings with your local magistrates, truth tours, and drop card outreaches etc. Please let us know if you are interested in helping to organize these outreaches in your local communities. We will try to connect you with other folks who register to participate in your area.

There will be a call to fast and pray prior to the launching of this OSA national event for three days. It will start, Monday, July 13-Wednesday, July 15th, 2020. There will also be a 24 hour prayer effort beginning on Saturday, July 18th at 8 am all the way thorough to Sunday, July 19th, 8 am. It will consist of 12 teams covering 2 hour slots for the 24 hour period.

Lastly, like many, OSA, has taken a big hit financially in these uncertain times. We are going to need some financial support to pull this off. If you care to help underwrite some the expense for this godly endeavor, please donate at this link. God bless you for helping and participating in this next great adventure in serving our Lord in Jesus’ name!

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