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OSA’s Mississippi Outreach

Cal Zastrow, Chet Gallagher, and Ron Nederhoed taking their place at the Gates of Hell  

“Remember the prisoners as if chained with them -those who are mistreated- since you yourselves are in the body also” (Hebrews 13:3).

Operation Save America doesn’t take this Scripture lightly. Fighting abortion can be lonely and difficult. The world hates you, the government targets you, the media maligns you, and most of the church abandons you. One of the blessings of being part of OSA is the covering and comfort it affords. Time and again, when a brother or sister is in need, the precious saints come together and share the burden. That’s what happened yesterday in Jackson, Mississippi.

Assistant Director, Chet Gallagher and his wife Joann, traveled from Tennessee to stand with OSA leader and missionary Cal Zastrow and his daughter, Cori. The Zastrows have faced a series of unjust charges resulting from their work ministering outside Mississippi’s last remaining surgical abortion clinic.

The Pagan “Pink House”
The Jackson Women’s Health Organization is known as the “Pink House” by abortion supporters. The bright pink clinic sits on a hill overlooking the artsy town of Fondren. Fondren’s nickname is “the crown jewel” of Jackson. Since child sacrifice/abortion is the crown jewel of Satan, Fondren’s designation fits.

Before Fondren became the avant garde, arts district of Jackson, it was known as ‘Sylum Heights, home to Mississippi’s Lunatic Asylum (No. We are not making this up.) This may account for Christians who minister outside the Pink House reporting crazy things- a person dressed as the snowman Olaf, from the Disney movie Frozen; abortion supporters dancing in front of the clinic as children are massacred; and abortion supporters who encircle the clinic with incense to “ward off” Christians.

Why burn incense? The Pink House is notorious for baby murder and witchcraft. Goddess worshippers and lesbians “guard” the entrance to the clinic. One clinic guard, wears a goddess pendent around her neck. She explained to OSA member, Elaine, that it represents the Divine Feminine. Elaine asked if there was an altar inside the Pink House. It happens to be one of the practices within feminist centered abortion clinics. She responded that she has an altar in her own home to worship herself.

Elaine Needland, Kendra Thomas’s Mom, joining the battle in Jackson

This person shared with Elaine that she was mad at God because while she was being molested, God did nothing to stop it. Where was God in this tragedy? Amazingly, she turned to goddess worship and yet did not think to hold the goddess to the same standard. Where was the goddess when she was suffering? The goddess also failed to intervene and save the day. Why then does she hate God and love the goddess? Sadly, this person, blinded by her sin, does not recognize the inconsistency of her offense.

Please pray for these deceived souls. The Lord has spoken continually through His Word. They have heard the Gospel. May the Lord grant repentance and the acknowledgement of truth to the saving of their souls.

Friday was a slow day at the Pink House, perhaps because of the weather or perhaps because Tuesday was busy. Christians huddled under umbrellas and withstood the heavy rain to intercede for the babies. Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas, National Director of OSA, brought his family from Texas. His daughters (Jubilee 8), Torah (11) and Maranatha and Sophia (13) offered Gospel and fetal development tracts to pregnant women as they parked their cars. Jeremiah (13) held a poster. Cal led worship while his daughter Eva (17) played the guitar.

Jeremiah Thomas Standing in the Gap for his Lost Generation

Local pastor Doug Lane hosted “Church on the Streets” and invited Chet to address the gathering. Chet taught from Malachi 3 and Hebrews 10. He reminded the group that we must do more than preach against the gap in our nation’s wall; we must stand in it despite the cost. He warned of the growing persecution of Christians and quoted Mark 13:11a, “But when they arrest you and deliver you up, do not worry beforehand, or premeditate what you will speak,” stressing the reference “when you are arrested,” not if we are arrested.
New Rescuers

God is adding to our pro-life ranks in Jackson, MS. Pastor Doug reported that more Jackson area churches have begun ministering outside the abortion clinic. One new face, Conner, spent the morning inviting abortion minded women and staff to converse with him about the Gospel. Allison, five months pregnant, also showed up. She found Pastor Doug’s contact information online and decided she couldn’t ignore the atrocity. Rev. Thomas ministered the Gospel to Allison, prayed for her, and she immediately bore witness to the truth at the death camp. The Lord is doing something in Jackson.
Cal’s Court Case  
There have been a long train of abuses by the Jackson Police Department against God’s people. For several years, local law enforcement have targeted Christians with “selective enforcement” of “laws” in an attempt to silence the Christian witness. Cal’s court case was one of several. Some of these cases are on appeal to the Fifth Circuit Court in New Orleans.

God was gracious. Cori’s case was dismissed and Cal’s case was remanded. In other words, the charges are still hanging over Cal’s head. If he is arrested again in Mississippi the court could bring the charges back. The good news is that 1) Cal is free 2) that to bring the charges back, the court would have to find the arresting officer, who no longer is employed as a Jackson police officer, and the others who did not bother to show up for Friday’s trial.

At one point the judge turned to the prosecutor and said, “We are going to see this man (Cal) again and again and again.” In a powerful reminder of Chet’s message, as the judge remanded the charge, he stressed to Cal, “I don’t want to see you here again.” To which Cal respectfully replied, “Lord willing.”
May we all have such a submitted attitude.

Rally the Lesser Magistrate Campaign   
Special thanks to Michael Peroutka for attending our latest meeting to hammer out the Rally the Lesser Magistrate national campaign. His expertise was invaluable to laying the Biblical, legal, and Constitutional foundations as we move forward to establish the Lesser Magistrate doctrine in all fifty states.Here are two brief videos that we will use to help spread the message. In this first one Coach Dave put together a video that highlights Michael’s song. It is a parody, but the message is extremely important. When we went into Kentucky to stand with Kim Davis, this was the essence of our message. It changed the entire narrative.

This second video highlights the doctrine of interposition. This is part of the message we will be challenging the Lesser Magistrates in all fifty states.


“The people of the land have used oppressions, committed robbery, and mistreated the poor and needy; and they wrongfully oppress the stranger. So I sought for a man among them who would make a wall, and stand in the gap before Me on behalf of the land, that I should not destroy it; but I found no one” (Ezekiel 22:29, 30).

On Thursday, October 15, some men of God will be participating in a meeting in Milwaukee, WI that I personally believe will be the most important meeting to date in our service to God. Our purpose will be to hammer out a national campaign to Rally the Lesser Magistrate.

There are two goals we are seeking to achieve. First, we are looking for the first state to defy the federal tyranny flowing from the corrupt springs of Washington DC. It appears there are a few southern states moving in that direction. One of them is my home state of Texas. We have been working behind the scenes to help our state to adopt the Lesser Magistrate doctrine with some success. The state that has come to the forefront, however, is Tennessee.

Pastor Matt Trewhella, author of The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates and his companion work, The Magdeburg Confession weighed in on the hopeful development in Tennessee. By the way, everyone of you should have these books to study, familiarize yourself with its contents and then pass it out to the magistrates in your sphere of influence. He stated:

In a brave move, a bill has been introduced in Tennessee which defies the Supreme Court opinion on homosexual marriage. The bill declares that marriage between one man and one woman “remains the law in Tennessee, regardless of any court decision to the contrary. Any court decision purporting to strike down natural marriage, including Obergefell v. Hodges, is unauthoritative, void and of no effect.”

Though a resolution would have been sufficient, the bill is worded well and should be supported by all lawmakers in Tennessee. Pressure will have to be placed on Governor Haslam and Attorney General Slatery (both Republicans) who have decided to hide behind the fiction that “the Supreme Court has ruled – all I can do is obey.”

This bill provides every American the opportunity to take the bill to their legislators in their state and propose the same – either ask why isn’t this being done here or declare this must be done here.

The second goal is to hammer a long term strategy to rally the Lesser Magistrates in all fifty states. Obviously, this is an ambitious goal that is well beyond our meager resources to accomplish. In typical fashion, it will take the intervention of God to pull this off in a timely manner.

From October 15-17, we will concentrate on fleshing out this facet of the vision. We have put together a rough outline that concentrates on three aspects of the mission. The vision statement, an infrastructure of leadership in each state, and the dates in 2016 to implement the Rally the Lesser Magistrate campaign.

Once this is accomplished, the men participating will begin to work the vision. For Operation Save America, this plan will be presented at our Leadership Meeting in Little Rock, AR. The dates are February 4-7, 2016. If you are a leader in OSA, your participation is vital. With all dispatch, make sure you to plan on coming to this vital leadership meeting. It will help set the agenda for the entire year of 2016.

Brethren, your prayers, love, and support means more now than ever before. This newest project requires thousands of books, thousands of resource packets, website, qualified leaders, and committed teams in each county in America (3142) to complete the task set before us. Yes, it is impossible for men, but certainly possible for God.

Keep pressing on to the high call and prize in Jesus’ name!

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