National Press Release to Support Chief Justice Roy Moore

MONTGOMERY, Ala., May 19, 2016 /Christian Newswire/ — On Saturday, May 21st, at 11 AM in Montgomery, Alabama, a rally will be held to support Chief Justice Roy Moore, marriage, The United States Constitution, the Alabama Constitution, and the rule of law. It will be held at the Alabama Supreme Court, 300 Dexter Ave, Montgomery, Alabama 36104.


Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas, National Director of Operation Rescue/Operation Save America, will be one of the speakers to address the rally. Rev. Thomas’s message is as follows:


The prophet Isaiah warned, “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter (Isaiah 5:20). Our nation has long rejected Biblical truth and we labor now under a stupor of delusion. When good becomes evil, it should not be surprising that the good guys become the bad guys. The movie Robin Hood states our current situation well, “In the days of lawlessness, those who keep the law become the outlaw.”


Our federal government for decades has been codifying evil into law. In the name of new federal values, they are destroying Christian and family values. In the name of government, they betray their sacred trust as government. In the name of the Constitution, they violate the Constitution. Under the color of law, they impose lawlessness upon the citizens of America and upon the great state of Alabama. Our federal government continues to make straight what God has called crooked, turn moral wrongs into civil rights, and demand that “We the People” tolerate the intolerable. In the midst of this tyranny and moral anarchy, God has raised up a champion, none other than Chief Justice Roy Moore.


As a Lesser Magistrate, Chief Justice Roy Moore, is standing in the gap between federal tyranny and the life, liberty, and property of the citizens of Alabama and our nation. It is my sincere prayer that his example will spread like wild fire to inspire governors, state legislators, sheriffs, and other lower magistrates to rise up with one voice to say no to the federal beast, place the chain back on our federal government, restore law and order, and reestablish the checks and balances necessary to secure a future and hope for our nation in Jesus’ mighty name

HBO Documentary Scheduled for our National Event in Wichita

On my way back to Wichita yesterday, I received an interesting phone call from HBO. They are interested in coming to be embedded within OSA for our national event in Wichita from July 16-23. They desire to film a documentary on the battle over abortion in America. They are interested in what the future may hold, plus, the history of the battle as it relates to Wichita. Specifically, what happened at the Summer of Mercy event that changed the course of abortion in America.
As we share the vision and mission of our national event from July 16-23, it is becoming clear that this project is taking on a life of its own. Diverse entities are interested in what may happen for a variety of reasons. Regardless, it now looks like with HBO’s involvement, our Biblical messages and godly activities will go international. Obviously, the need for intercession to make sure we stay faithful to God and speak the truth in love to overcome the culture of death has risen exponentially.

Letter Sent to 600 Pastors in Wichita

Our boots on the ground in Wichita have been diligent to spread the vision and mission. A dear brother who fought the battle back in 1991 is letting us use his contact list of 600 pastors to promote the Summer of Justice. This is the letter that went out. There will be more to follow.

Operation Save America (OSA), whose mission is for repentance and restoration of America, is planning their national event in Wichita this summer commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the Summer of Mercy. OSA is partnering with the Wichita “church” for a week of events that are scheduled for July 16th through the 23rd.

The 1991 Summer of Mercy signaled a significant turning point in the battle against child killing in America as well as Wichita. In 1991 there were 2167 free standing abortion mills in America and four in Wichita. Today there are 517 mills defiling our nation and one left in Wichita.

Prolife Christians in America have unfinished kingdom business that we must complete in Jesus’ name.

We are calling all prolife Christians and churches in Wichita and across Kansas to mark your calendars, pray, and prepare your hearts for this monumental event.

“The gates of hell will not prevail against the church of the living God.”(Matt. 16:18)

“Dear Pastor/Local Church Leader,

The Prolife movement is clearly winning nationally. It is time to shine the light again in Wichita, Kansas. The legal free speech rights as churches and believers are a powerful tool to push back darkness. When we as Christians sing and pray and speak the word at the actual clinic abortion reduces and sometimes stops. All of us as one church are unstoppable. This is the first letter of several to help keep you informed related to this week of events and encourage you to participate and bring others.

Pastor Rob Ratola

Word of Life Church”

For more information:

Lastly, the Lord opened the door to meet with Dick Bott who runs 102 radio stations throughout America. He is completely on board to promote the event nationwide. God willing, we will meet this Thursday to come up with a plan.

God is moving and opening incredible doors. Right after Wichita, it will be off to Montgomery, AL to stand with Chief Justice Roy Moore. They are having a rally at 300 Dexter Ave at the Alabama Supreme Court on May 21st, at 11 AM. They asked me to share a brief exhortation in support of Chief Justice Roy Moore. Right afterwards, there will be a meeting with the locals to discuss how we can all help in the future.

Keep pressing on saints and I hope you are making plans to come to Wichita. It is shaping up to be quite a time in the Lord’s providence.


The Five Premises that Constitute the Paradigm Shift to End the American Holocaust
Based upon the many responses that took place after the #endabortionnow, it is important that people judge the merit of what we said based upon what we actually said and not on what we did not state. Already confusion and false accusations are being transmitted. In a way that is good. A fresh conversation and a frank dialogue is long overdue to change the status quo when it comes to this national sin that has wrought national calamity.
As stated, “It is time to implement the much needed change necessary to end child sacrifice and the shedding of innocent blood in America. After 43 years of America staggering under the curse of blood guiltiness, it is time for a major paradigm shift to become established. It is time for the Gentle Revolution to gain momentum and vanquish this evil once and for all. This gathering bears witness that God indeed makes all things beautiful in His time.”
One of the main purposes for the broadcast was to change the narrative that has helped to sustain the 43 year long atrocity that has defiled our nation through child sacrifice and the shedding of innocent blood. The goal was to create a paradigm shift to remove the narrative from those advocate for baby murder and to encourage those who just seek to limit it, to join with us to end it. God does not want us to regulate the murder of babies, he wants us to end the murder of babies.
Jeremiah 5:28 declares, “Plead the case of the fatherless to win it.” Repentance for sin, both individual and national is not gradual. It is immediate. Jesus told us to cut off known sin or perish (Matthew 18:8). Religious systems may preach penance but God requires repentance if men and nations are to thrive under His blessings.
The principle that we especially wanted to hammer home is that we can no longer fight abortion based upon the premises of those who advocate the murder of the preborn. He who defines wins and it has not been God’s word that is defining the issue of abortion. We have exchanged God’s truth for man-made political strategies. One is sinking sand and the other solid rock and hopefully you are Biblically astute enough to know the difference.
To refresh your memory, I stated 5 premises that will prayerfully change the standard of what it means to be pro-life and abolish abortion in America.
1) Courts Cannot Make Law: I mentioned in my segment how Mr. Lauinger, Vice President of National Right to Life kept trusting in chariots, horses, and the legal minds of unregenerate men, rather than trust in the name of the Lord our God. He kept legitimizing the courts that unleashed this hell upon our nation in the first place. Going to the courts for justice in most matters today is like chickens going to foxes to protect them from wolves. They cannot solve our dilemma because they are the source of our dilemma.
Courts can issues opinions and rulings, but it is only our legislative branch that is ordained by the Constitution that can make law. Roe vs. Wade was imposed on America by an activist court. In the name of the Constitution, they violate the Constitution. We the people certainly did not vote for this atrocity nor did our representatives. No, it came by an oligarchy of black robe judges whose wicked decision stained our land red with the blood of innocent children who are made in the image of God. Roe vs. Wade established a covenant with death that must be broken in Jesus’ name if we are to secure a future and a hope!
2) Because Courts Cannot Make Law, Roe vs. Wade is legal fiction: It is legal fiction on two counts. As stated, It violates the Constitution. No person shall be deprived of life without due process of law. No Penumbra of the Constitution, no magic fairy dust that emanates from the Constitution can change the plain meaning of the text.
Secondly, any law of man that countermands or violates the Law of God, according to 1500 years of Western Civilization is no law at all. Divine law trumps human law. As Christians we should know better, when the laws of men conflict with the laws of God, we are duty bound to obey God rather than men.
3) Abortion is Murder: Abortion is a direct violation of God’s holy commandment, “Thou shall not murder.” The pro-life industry has been very squeamish in coming to an agreement with God’s assessment concerning this brutal act. If we cannot correctly define this abominable practice, how do we expect to defeat it. Let God be true and every man a liar.
Biblically, the two-fold purpose of civil government is to prevent the world from descending back into the wicked condition that preceded Noah’s flood. They must restrain men from returning to the state where the Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually (Genesis 6:5). It was so bad that it grieved the heart of God that he even created us. Civil government was ordained to restrain that kind of evil from ever taking place again.
This is why the Apostle Paul penned Romans 13:1-4. Civil Government is a delegated authority established by God. It is His minister to serve His purpose for establishing justice in the world by punishing evil doers and protecting those who are god citizens. Here is the catch however, It is God’s commandments that define for men and nations what is good and what is evil. If men and nations reject that transcendent standard, good can become evil and evil, good. This leads to governments codifying evil into law. Once this takes place tyranny, injustice, and oppression will rule the land. Our chains are already being forged as I write.
Secondly, they were ordained by God to protect life and stop the shedding of innocent blood. Genesis 9:6 declares, “Whoever sheds man’s blood, By man his blood shall be shed; For in the image of God He made man.” Roe vs. Wade violated that sacred trust. Our government has defended the indefensible ever since.
4) Rally the Lesser Magistrate to defend the Preborn: We need to instruct our Lesser Magistrate that the God of all justice demands justice for the preborn just as much as He demands justice for the born. He makes no distinction between the two. Man is made in his image of God and as Abraham Lincoln once stated, “God did not send anyone who is stamped with His image into the world to be trodden down. Thomas Jefferson reflecting an understanding of a biblical worldview of civil government declared, “The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only object of good government.”
It is in Exodus 21:22–27 (please look it up) we learn of God’s concern for justice for the preborn. Contrary to popular interpretations, this passage does not promote vigilantism or revenge. In truth, it displays the brilliance of God’s justice. The essence of the passage deals with a vital legal principle known as Lex Talionis, which is Latin for “law of retaliation.” In the science of criminology, this tenet translates, “The punishment should fit the crime.” Nothing more and nothing less.
The penalty should not be less than the crime deserves. Otherwise, there is a danger that injustice may spread. Ecclesiastes 8:11 warns, “Because the sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.” On the other hand, if retribution exceeds the crime, it can turn lawful authorities into abusive tyrants. In a sense, this legal principle is God’s Golden Rule applied in the area of justice (Luke 6:31).
5) Establish justice by completely abolishing abortion: There are a few states that are introducing bills similar to the one put forth in Oklahoma. I pray after this meeting one will begin here in Arizona. These are bills should ignore Roe vs. Wade, its legal fiction, and lawlessness and states the self evident truth: abortion is murder and it should be penalized as murder. We are simply demanding equal justice under the law.
Some may think this is a radical position. It may not be politically correct, but it is Biblically just. Here is the deal, The church and state may fail in treating this demonic scourge for what it is, but God cannot deny Himself. He is the God of justice and mercy. If our government does not punish murder, the penalty does not just magically disappear. It merely moves from the ones guilty of murder to a society that condones it.
God and His moral commandments are inescapable. They provide the framework of all reality. They establish spiritual gravity. Bloodshed touches bloodshed. It breaks out like a plague. If we want violence to be curbed in America and peace to return, we must treat abortion as murder and penalize it accordingly.
In stating this premises, this does not exclude the church having compassion upon the criminal. The state is the ministry of justice that should be concerned about the physical welfare of its citizens, protect life and stop the shedding of innocent blood, while the church, is to be the ministry of grace that is concerned about the spiritual welfare of men and nations. These are not in conflict with each other. They both represent divine attributes of God, justice and mercy. You cannot have one without the other. Mercy indeed triumphs over judgment, but mercy cannot be obtained apart from judgment. I hope that clears up and confusion or accusations that are based upon what we did not say.
If you find any merit, please pass this on to your sphere of influence. Thanks!

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