Big Announcement

Recently, I posted a “Big Announcement Tomorrow” on my Facebook page. That is recent and this is now, so here it is. First, I understand it may not be big to others, but for our family, the Thomas Nation, it is another milestone in our love, service, and obedience to God and for one another.

For the last two and half years, there has been a labor of love that my lovely bride, Kendra Thomas, and I have struggled with to fulfill. We wanted to give up many times, but God strengthened and encouraged us to press on. We experienced the many ups and downs of life as we all do, the busyness, responsibilities, and commitments on many fronts, yet, with God’s aid, we finally achieved what we started a couple of years ago to accomplish.

If you would had entered our home and came to our bedroom during that time, you would have found what looked like a police room at a police station. It was filled with boards, graphs, pins, strings, photos, and sticky notes everywhere. No, it was not a crime scene, it was Kendra’s heavy lifting and her commitment to detail that became the foundation to write and now complete our newest book, Jeremiah Strong.

She initially wrote the book as a memoir. She relived Jeremiah’s story through the loving eyes of a mother. As we discussed that possibility, we decided to change the format. We thought it best to present the book as based upon a true story. We honestly believe that would be the better approach to present his miraculous journey.

For the last several months, her and I sat down at opportune times to change the format. We added more compelling true drama to make it more screen-play friendly. Our desire is to approach four different film companies soon to negotiate with them the possibility of turning his book into a feature film. I must admit reliving Jeremiah’s story has plowed up our family’s hearts once again. There were a lot of tissues. It’s hard to believe that all this truly happened, but we know it did for the glory of God and the benefit of multitudes. We truly believe God is not finished with Jeremiah’s short life, death, and how God used him to touch and change the world.

It has always been our desire to be good stewards of his legacy, so God can still use his story to advance His Kingdom, glory, and great salvation amongst men and nations. Kendra is going to work on the copyright and the proposal to submit his book to major established publishing companies. While she is doing that, I will be negotiating with film companies. Please pray for these next crucial steps. It could have a great impact, not only upon our fortunes as a family, (We would be in better position to do more for the Kingdom) but greater still, the souls of men, the lives of babies, and for our future and living hope.






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