Preparing the Way into Montgomery

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Preparing the Way to Montgomery


Today ends my time in Montgomery. It is now off to the next battlefield in Jackson, MS. Many of you may have heard the last remaining surgical death camp was vandalized in Jackson. Of course, the media tried to imply it was those “radical Christians” who intervene to save lives and end the holocaust who are responsible. We will prayerfully dismiss that lie soon. A press conference will be held to deliver the following statement tomorrow:


If the crime was committed by a misguided individual, we call that person to repent. We oppose any act of destructive behavior in an attempt to end the evil of abortion. We know that we cannot overcome evil with evil, but rather with good.


If this crime was committed fraudulently by an abortion providers or supporters, we call that person to repent. Acts of desperation and deception only serve to further expose the bankruptcy of their cause.


Regardless of whether this crime was committed by friend or foe, we are not going anywhere. We will persist in this fight until abortion is completely abolished through the power of Jesus Christ.


The Lord prospered the way into Montgomery. First stop was in Birmingham to meet with the local movers and shakers. They were receptive to the vision and mission of our national event in Montgomery, AL from July 11-18, 2015.


Our plan is to visit Birmingham one day to confront the one remaining surgical death camp left, Planned Parenthood. From there, the saints will be treated to a tour of all the locations that once murdered babies, but are no longer operational. They have all but one been shut down. It will be a “Look What the Lord has Done” tour. In so doing, we will also have the opportunity to pay tribute to David Lackey. He may be our fallen warrior here on earth, but he is reigning with our Mighty Champion in heaven. Yes, David graduated from the Church Militant to the Church Triumphant and we will remember and rejoice.


From Birmingham, it was off to Montgomery. Sunday morning, Ben Dupre, our local contact, invited me to his church. The people made me feel welcomed and gladly received the purpose of the visit. Afterwards, Ben set up a meeting with those who are interested in helping Operation Save America come to Montgomery. There were about 10 people who showed up for a “nuts and bolts” meeting. One of them was a pastor whom the Lord just birthed into the battle. He has stepped up to come along side of Chief Justice Roy Moore to defend Biblical marriage against the juggernaut of the homosexual agenda.


As the theme “Let Justice Roll” was being presented, Ben Dupre could no longer contain himself. He had been sitting upon something and was looking for the right moment to share it. He jumped up, whipped out his cell phone, and showed everyone there a picture. It was a picture of a plaque that hangs outside Chief Justice Roy Moore’s office. Out of all the Scriptures in all the Bible, guess what Scripture reference it might be? You got it, Amos 5:24, which states, “But let justice roll down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream.”


This was our theme Scripture for the event. What are the odds that this would be the Scripture that not only hangs outside of Moore’s office, but each Justice that sits on the Alabama Supreme Court has a smaller plaque with this passage inside their office. If it was in any other setting, I would have danced like King David danced. It was a powerful witness and another sign that God was leading us to Montgomery.


The folks at the meeting readily received the vision and are willing to help prepare our way. The next day it was off to the last remaining surgical death camp to visit with David Day. He is a faithful brother who takes his position at this death camp every day the doors are open to do the unspeakable to God’s image bearers. He is one standing in the gap and making up the hedge.


The abortion clinic, like many that we have seen, is dilapidated. The outside tells the story of the inside reality. Right down the street is the Governor’s mansion. David and I walked down there to pray for him. Immediately, as our eyes were closed in prayer, we heard radios go off as State Troopers took their post. We asked God to grant this Governor the back bone to stand for marriage and with Chief Justice Roy Moore.


From there, it was time to try and find a hotel to lodge the saints in July. The Lord made a way. The hotel will be Drury Inn. The following is the pertinent information.


Drury Inn & Suites Montgomery

1124 Eastern Boulevard   Montgomery, AL 36117-1942

Telephone:  (334) 273-1101


Thank you for allowing Drury Inn & Suites Montgomery to be a part of your next great event!  We are looking forward to seeing you soon and we are ready to uphold our reputation for great service & value.  Rooms have been held for your group and to make reservations, please click on the link below.


As you might have heard, The Extra’s Aren’t Extraat Drury Hotels!  In addition to the great rate, here are some of the amenities your group will enjoy:


FREE HOT QUIKSTART ® Breakfast – At Drury, “hot” means Belgian waffles, scrambled eggs, biscuits & gravy, sausage and more.


FREE 5:30 KICKBACK® – From 5:30-7:00 pm each evening, kick back, relax and enjoy a rotating menu of free hot food and cold beverages.


FREE Free Long Distance – One hour every room every night.


FREE Wireless Internet Access – High speed Internet in all rooms and the lobby.


FREE Soda and Popcorn – From 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm every night in the lobby.


Please make your reservations by Thursday, June 11, 2015 to receive your group rate. Reservations made after this date will be subject to prevailing rate and availability.



Though the rate is higher than usual, 97.00, plus tax per night. In the long run, however, it will save us money. There will be no expense for food for the entire week and no hassle in preparing dinner before our rallies. We have forty rooms initially blocked out, so please call at your earliest convenience. The cutoff date for the special rates are June 11, 2015.


Later that evening, there was a meeting with some saints in Huntsville, AL. Once again, there was a willingness to work together for the cause of Christ. We hope to send a team one day during our national event to Huntsville. The brothers there agreed to host a separate rally in their city, lodge the team we send, and together storm the gates of hell at their local death camp the next day.


On Tuesday, the Lord opened an incredible door and a special treat. Ben set up a meeting with Chief Justice Roy Moore. We had not seen each other for awhile, but it was a blessing to see him once again. I thought the meeting would consist of a hand shake, brief exchange of pleasantries, and perhaps a picture together, but it turned into over an hour exchange. During that time Chief Justice Roy Moore agreed to speak at our opening rally, Saturday night, July 11, 2015 and graciously posed for the picture below. The Lord did exceedingly, abundantly, above all we could ask or think, according to His power at work in us (Ephesians 3:20).

 Chief Justice Roy Moore and Amos 5:24


Right after that meeting, Ben led us to a prayer meeting at a church across the street from the Supreme Court building. We were hoping this church would host our rallies, but it fell through. The Lord opened the door to address the intercessors who consistently pray for their city, state, and nation. Once again, they readily received the vision and mission. The brother in charge is contacting all the prayer groups to begin now to fast and pray to prepare the way of the Lord into Montgomery.


Most of the goals were accomplished. In this, we rejoice. The next major need to be fulfilled is the Lord opening the door for a local church to host our rallies. Please make this a prayer target.


Since we now have the hotel info, we will begin to create our brochure for the national event. They will be made available soon. By God’s grace, we will diligently plow the fields, sow the seeds, and water the vision. We trust God for the increase. Keep pressing on saints to the high call and prize in Jesus’ name!

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