Abortion Violation


 Our newest book is ready. Order your copy today.   

Yesterday with great joy we received the first order of our newest book, Abortion Violation: America’s Premiere National Security Issue. You can order from the link above on Tate Publishing’s website or you can order directly from us. if you plan on getting more than one copy, it would be better to order from us. Here is the breakdown of the discounts.

1 book-$25.00 plus shipping

3 books-$22.00 a copy, plus shipping.

5 books-$20.00 a copy, plus shipping

10 books or more-$18.00 a copy, plus shipping.

This has been a labor of love. Theologically, it pulls no punches. We pray the Lord use this book to touch hearts, change minds, and help defeat the culture of death savaging our nation in Jesus’ mighty name! 

If or when you read it, could you write us a short testimony or endorsement to help promote the book abroad? It will be released on the national stage June 25th. It will help for folks to write reviews once it hits Amazon and other outlets as well. Thank you!        

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