A Poem: Let Abortion Die

Let Abortion Die

Let abortion die, its bloody reign of tolerated terror end. May it unceremoniously depart, this accepted murder of men. No mourners, no flowers, no eulogy pronounced, no grieving, no tears, just its ignoble epitaph announced.


Let abortion die. May it meet its destined fate. Let it follow the path of every other tyrannical state. No reprieve, no new bills, no more courts to decide, no lawyers, no pundits, no little gods to choose who lives and who dies.


Let abortion die, its covenant with hell annulled. May history condemn it, the present reject it, and the future be appalled. No memorial, no grave marker, no inscription to recite, no burial, no honors, just death to this blight.


Let abortion die with all its corruption, deceit, and lies. May it be condemned with extreme prejudice its feigned alibis. No choice, no freedom, no right to kill anymore,

no slogans, no pretense, no more innocent blood to seep from this ruthless whore.


Let abortion die with its sickening contamination upon the souls of men. May it pass away swiftly; its existence must not extend. No resuscitation, no reviving, no second opinion sought, no new medical procedures, no medicine. No! It must completely come to naught.


Let abortion die, may it reap what it has sown. This veracious destroyer be destroyed, its cruel heritage become unknown. No mercy, no pardon, and no more bribes, no excuses, no justifications. Abortion, you have no choice, you simply must die!


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