The Walk


For more documentation on this amazing journey follow this link at


4 Responses to “The Walk

  • Thanks for the video-amazing! Have you met Ray Comfort? Do you know of ?

    • Dear Betty,

      The Lord richly bless you! What video are you referring to? I have never met Mr. Comfort in person, but we been a part of some video projects. I’m not familiar with, but will check it out soon. Thanks Betty for taking the itime to contact us. We apreciate it.

  • Wonderful and Christ-exalting video. Do you still do your week-long KLI training?

    • Dear Rich,

      The Lord richly bless you! We still do the KLI training. We need a minimum of 10 candidates that will commit to the entire week. The cost is $100.00 per candidate and a copy of our book is included with the cost. There are two sessions during the day and an evening rally. At the end of the week, we take the candidates out on the streets for some on the job training. Let me know if you are interested in pursuing this discipleship training in your area.

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